At a Glance

Date of Incorporation: 1705
Total Area: 6.83 square miles
Population: 58,732
Brookline Website:
Government: Representative Town Meeting with five-member Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator
County: Norfolk


Brookline has kept its town meeting form of government since 1705 when this “Muddy River” farmland of Boston became incorporated and named for the brooks that formed its boundaries. The Town is served by its professional, citizen-oriented government. Town departments and agencies are professionally staffed. The Board of Selectmen appoint citizen volunteers to sit on Boards and Commissions. Contact the Selectmen’s Office to express interest in serving on one of the Boards or Commissions.

Board of Selectmen: 617-730-2200
Town Administrator: 617-730-2200
Advisory Committee: 617-730-2115
Town Meeting Members Association: Contact Board of Selectmen office for further information

Elder Resources

The Elder Resource Guide was developed by the Brookline Council on Aging and the Brookline Senior Center to assist seniors and their families/caregivers in negotiating the complex world of eldercare. For your FREE copy of this valuable resource, stop by the Brookline Senior Center at 93 Winchester Street, Brookline, MA 02446 or call 617-730-2777 to have a copy mailed to you, for a cost of $5 for postage. You can also view the full resource guide online on the Senior Center’s website at: – then look under “Stories and Features” for the resource guide.
If you need more information, contact the agencies listed in the resource guide directly for more information and as always feel free to contact the Senior Center. The professional social work staff at the Senior Center are available free of charge to assist you, just call 617-730-2777.

Schools Information

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Neighborhood Groups

Coolidge Corner Merchants Association
Coming Soon: Additional Neighborhood and Community Groups