Growing Gardens and Businesses at Goddard House

Vegetables are growing at Goddard House, thanks to Green City Growers.  Raised garden beds enable residents to plant, nurture, and harvest vegetables.  Live chickens lay eggs in the backyard coup, and bees produce honey.

On Thursday evening, July 13th, Brookline Chamber of Commerce guests were treated to a Goddard House After Hours.  Participants enjoyed networking, sampling appetizers, including flatbread decorated with fresh herbs from the garden, and hearing a fascinating presentation by Jessie Banhazl, CEO and founder, Green City Growers.

Jessie shared photos of backyard and rooftop gardens that are thriving in urban areas, including the rooftop garden at Fenway Park.  Urban farms add beauty and bring an array of fresh vegetables. The mission of Green City Growers is, “We envision a world where rooftops and vacant lots become common and productive places to grow food – an urban agricultural revolution for a healthier nation.

People from all walks of life, living in urban areas, will have access to a network of urban farms, fueling personal and environmental health, social responsibility, and local food sustainability.”

Guests, inspired by Green City Growers and meeting new people, brought home clay pots of fresh herbs and ideas.