Your Customers Notice Dirty Windows Before You Do…

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FISH Window Cleaning

By the time you notice that your windows are dirty… your customers are already uncomfortable in your store.

They’ll never think “dirty windows” as the source of their unease.

They’ll never mention that your business feels “unclean.”

They look through glass, not at it, so the dirty windows don’t register.

They know that something feels off, and they won’t ever pinpoint the windows as the reason.

That’s probably not how you want people to feel when entering your store.

I’ll never forget one of my first customers in Coolidge Corner. Their window display was caked with dirt and grease and neglect. Product had fallen off the displays, trash camped in the corners, and a dusty vacuum cleaner leaned defiantly against an overflowing trash can.

In their window display.

Yes, that’s what you could see from the street. Inside, a set of dirty blinds hid the disaster from the store staff. Out of sight, out of mind… for them at least. Not for the potential customers scurrying by on Harvard Street.

We worked for an hour and a half to clean up those windows, taking off years of dirt and tape and fingerprints. Then we came back and cleaned them every two weeks. Over the next couple of months an amazing transformation happened. They took down the blinds and fixed up the display. Sun streamed into the store. The dark dusty corner became bright and inviting. There were always customers in the store.

First impressions matter.

“Can’t you just clean my windows once”

Your customers notice dirty windows before you do. That’s why we recommend scheduled cleanings. Just set your budget and schedule and you no longer have to think about it. Corporate inspections, winter weather, Halloween antics – none of that matters. Your windows are always clean. And, windows that are cleaned regularly start to shine. Yes, strange as it sounds, the more you clean your windows the cleaner they get. Scheduled cleanings make your store shine.

“I make my employees clean the windows”

Don’t get me wrong, but… WHY?

It’s hard enough finding good employees. Why force them to do a task that’s dirty and takes them away from the real reason you hired them?

Plus, window cleaning is a skill. Your employees won’t enjoy the work and they won’t do that good a job, which leaves you with dirty windows and dissatisfied employees. That’s not the attitude you want for them when customers enter your store.

We’ve had employees cheer when we show up to clean the windows. Hiring a professional window cleaning service is good for employee morale.

“Don’t clean my store if it’s raining”

We don’t work in the pouring rain, but we will work during on and off drizzle or snow.

Rain doesn’t make windows dirty. Dirt does. And the way to keep dirt away is with scheduled cleanings. We keep you on your schedule year-round regardless of the New England weather. That’s what keeps your windows shining bright!

If you’re interested in growing your business, then having your employees clean your windows is not the best use of their time. Here are some growth ideas for employees who are standing around:

  1. Use the products! Play with the toys, try on the clothes, taste the food, …. Get in the customer mindset. Plus, then it looks like people are active in your store rather than just a bunch of employees hanging out.
  2. Greet people at the door (or out on the street in front of your store).
  3. Put up balloons. Schedule an open house.
  4. Freshen up the window displays
  5. Plan a customer appreciation event
  6. Set up an e-mail list
  7. Take pictures to put on social media

What are you doing to grow your business?












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